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On the 22nd of October 1985 Hadise was born in Belgium. Hadise has Turkish roots and comes from a home where she was able to be free to express her creativity. Hadise has shown that wherever you are or whatever you do or which religion you believe in, you can shine and achieve your dream. As a Turkish girl born and raised in the West, Hadise wanted to break taboos by being who she is without hiding her roots/her identity. Hadise wanted to chase her musical dream while she was going to school. She didn’t give up and went to college where she got her diploma as a “marketeer”. Finishing her school was one of her main priorities when she signed her first contract.

Quote Hadise: “As long as I can remember I wanted to sing. I wanted to perform. I remember making short dresses out of my mom’s sweaters and taking a hairbrush to use as a microphone and perform in front of my mirror. I knew I wanted to be an entertainer. I wanted to travel the world and share my experiences, my music and voice with everyone.”

With the support of her family she entered the songcontest ‘Idols 2003’ in Belgium. She didn’t make it to the finals but she was focused to pursue her singing career. After the Idols competition she was offered a contract to start her career. Hadise released her first album called ‘Sweat’ in 2005. Her following album ‘Hadise’ was released in 2007. Her biggest breakthrough came with entering the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 representing Turkey in Moscow where she ended up 4th in the finals with her single Düm Tek Tek. The song topped the charts in several countries. By the success of Düm tek tek she released an English album ‘Fast Life’ and a Turkish album ‘Kahraman’ (meaning: Hero) in 2009. The success of the album Fast Life led to a big promotional tour in several European countries, Japan, Indonesia,…

After one year of preparation she is releasing her 5th recording album ‘Aşk kaç beden giyer?’ (2nd Turkish album).

Quote Hadise: “ These past couple of years I have grown a lot. I have witnessed loss, pain, love, hurt, laughter. With this album I want to show you all, especially girls and women, to stand up for themselves and to become a stronger girl/young woman. Never forget: after the storm the sun will always shine, always believe in yourself, always…”